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A Pinch Of Confidence is on a mission to help female creative entrepreneurs grow profitable businesses. 

Founder Renay Althea is a creative woman in IT and is passionate about helping creatives of all types level up in business, raise their prices and build their confidence.

Meet Renay

Your Certified Confidence Coach 

Renay is a Life Strategist, Senior IT Project Manager and Certified Confidence Coach. She is a Career Development Lead at a Consulting Company and has mentored over 100 students to date. Her background consists of over 6 years of Project Management experience.

Renay has used confidence to transition between careers and more than triple her income in less than five years, allowing her flexibility to focus on her creative passions.

She is passionate about coaching women to breakthrough the fear of judgement to claim the life they deserve. Find the confidence to increase your prices, ask for what you want, and level up your business.

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